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IHS Diagnosis ICD-10
11.7 Headache or facial pain attributed to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder [K07.6] G44.846  

Diagnostic criteria:

  1. Recurrent pain in one or more regions of the head and/or face fulfilling criteria C and D
  2. X-ray, MRI and/or bone scintigraphy demonstrate TMJ disorder
  3. Evidence that pain can be attributed to the TMJ disorder, based on at least one of the following:
    1. pain is precipitated by jaw movements and/or chewing of hard or tough food
    2. reduced range of or irregular jaw opening
    3. noise from one or both TMJs during jaw movements
    4. tenderness of the joint capsule(s) of one or both TMJs
  4. Headache resolves within 3 months, and does not recur, after successful treatment of the TMJ disorder


Pain from the temporomandibular joint or related tissues is common. It is due to the so-called temporomandibular joint disorders (eg, disk displacements, osteoarthritis, joint hypermobility) or rheumatoid arthritis, and may be associated with myofascial pain and headache.